Resolution Shmesolution

What a wild ride! 2016 was an intense year for yours truly. I feel much the same as this cat. 13015533_10208278990784963_8333116198881663033_nI haven’t written a blog post this entire year! That is a long time to not have written anything for fun. And, also, that is sad. Just sad. I love to write.

Anyhow, why do you, person reading this, have a New Year Resolution? What is the purpose of making yourself a concrete promise that you will quit doing all your bad habits? We all know that a week after the new year you will be making good on your “quit smoking” regimen now be smoking 4.783 packs a day–up from the previous 2 packs a day. Come on now. Let’s be real. Nobody truly makes any progress if they waited all year to get healthy starting on January 1st because NEW YEARS!!!

Speaking of healthy, it seriously kills me dead when folks talk about how they went out and bought healthy food for a healthy start to a healthy new year. I think what you really meant to say was you went to the grocery store and bought food. Why should any food be bland and unappealing? Maybe your problem with staying on track with a healthy diet is that your idea of healthy food is food that doesn’t have any flavor. Excuse me for saying this but that is garbage! Food that is good for you can taste delicious. Just look at this taco. beef-carnitas-9420Depending on how you prepare your meat, you could have quite the tasty AND healthy dinner right there. Maybe you need to readjust your brain functions with regards to what you consider to be “healthy” food. Maybe you just need to read some recipes and cook some good food so you can stick to your New Year, New You diet.

Okay. So, I got lost. I have no clue where this blog is headed. Apparently, that is not how one gains followers. According to all sorts of web materials, I should have a clear direction for my blog. Sure. Oh right. We’re talking about Renewal. I am going to renew my new year to a new me by getting unstuck out of that fence and eating some tacos. Peace out.


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