Kid Rock Pizza Pie

Today, I spent my day baking and cleaning. Really. My whole day. Well, except for my job interview. But, after that I spent the whole day baking and cleaning. In fact, I am currently raising rolls at the moment. Look at my pies!


Yes, those are Marie Callender pie crusts. I have been experiencing technical difficulties where crust is concerned. So, I went to the dark side. And, seeing how easily distracted I can be, you can understand how I baked them a little too long. Oops. We like to be rebels and have Thanksgiving on a day other than Thanksgiving. Also, we had the Black Plague over the Thanksgiving holiday. So anyway, I decided that since I spent my day baking and cleaning that I would not be also cooking dinner.

Pizza it is. When I pulled into Papa Murphy’s, I noticed a man walking down the street with an odd crook in his step. His swagger was weird. It looked like half his left leg was repeatedly falling inside the concrete sidewalk. Honestly, I don’t know where his leg was GOING! He was also dressed like Kid Rock.


Mr. Fake Kid Rock even had long hair and the go-tee mustache beard thingie on his face. Only, he probably doesn’t have even a tenth of the real Kid Rock’s machismo. Anyhow, he was talking on his phone and swinging his phone arm back and forth as he weirdo-swaggered half-leg-fell through the drizzling rain. I watched this amusing show until it faded to black and then I went to buy my delicious pizza dinner.

And, for your viewing pleasure–my rolls:


They are scrumptious. Also, don’t mind the dirty-looking pan in the background. It is currently housing the remnants of pie filling which is almost gone. As a side note: One child in our house said, “Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.” Her loss.


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