The Today List

Washing laundry has always been a depressingly mundane household chore. I despise washing. Actually, I really just do not appreciate having to fold clothes once they are clean and dry. It is a terrible job. Wouldn’t you agree? Well, maybe not. I have heard from coworkers and friends that some folks LIKE doing laundry. And I have just one question for you–WHY?!

Also, there is this issue of sitting on hold on the telephone. Quite honestly, I feel trapped. I can’t think of anything more heinous a crime than leaving a customer on hold. And that music! Why can’t they play something awesome? A little REO Speedwagon wouldn’t kill them. Nirvana? How about some Deep Purple? I really don’t think that is too much to ask. Help me feel a little less trapped. I’d like that, Jake From Statefarm.

Candy canes! Why do they even make these delicious, straight-to-the-hip, stripey, sugary treats? It’s torture. Plain and simple. I gave in.

One nice thing happened, though. I got a call back for an interview for the end of this week. Wonderful. I mean that. It is wonderful. Although, now it means I’ll more than likely be working seven days a week. Not wonderful. Oh well. Life could be worse. I could have more laundry to wash.


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